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Workshops are listed below - please contact us directly to arrange a bespoke workshop. 

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Workshops on Christian Values 

Christian Value:


Discovery of what Christians believe it means to be forgiven and how they can forgive others.


Illustrated through Stravinsky's Firebird Finale. 


Based on the story

of the prodigal son from the Bible.

Christian Value:


Discovery of what Christians believe thankfulness means.


Illustrated through Mozart's Figaro Overture

Based on the story of Jesus Healing the Ten Lepers (Luke 17:11-19) and Psalm 103.

Christian Value:


Discovery of what Christians believe faith is.



Illustrated through Strauss's Alpine Symphony

Based on Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead from the Bible

Christian Value:


Discovery of what Christians believe Hope is 

Illustrated through Nimrod by Elgar

Based on the story of Noah from the Bible 

Bespoke Workshops Available 

Contact with any concept requests for a tailored workshop, including workshops on school values or value that is the school's focus for the term. 

Examples of other workshop concepts:

Creation, Thankfulness, Trust, Hope, Freedom, Wisdom, Sacrifice, Compassion

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Workshops based on LDBS Curriculum 

Who is Jesus? 

(I am Statements)

'I am the Good Shepherd'


Key Concepts: Incarnation, Gospel

Bible Passage: John Chapter 10 


Illustrated through Stravinsky's Firebird

What do the miracles of Jesus teach?

Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead


Key concepts: Gospel, importance of faith

Bible Passage: John 11: 1-44

Illustrated through Strauss's Alpine Symphony

Bespoke Workshops Available 

Contact with any requests for a tailored workshop, including workshops from LDBS Curriculum or curricular from another Diocese

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