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What we do




Gabriel Music Workshops provide cross curricular workshops that explore christianity through music.  Workshops are designed for Key Stage 2 children.


In each workshop, we explore a christian value (or diocese curriculum) based on a popular Bible story and illustrated by a classical piece music. In response,  children create their very own piece of music as a class (through the KS2 curriculumand record it as a special memento!  

Explore and create!

Flourish and grow!

  Workshops are an engaging and creative way of meeting a variety of curricular and allow children to flourish and grow in knowledge and creativity.  Each workshop aligns directly to the SACRE (RE) National Curriculum (Music) LDBS Curriculum, the SIAMS and the 2019 OFSTED Framework (including spiritual, moral, social and cultural development).  

fit in with you!

Our standard workshop is 2 hours long.  This can be reduced or extended to fit with your timetable. Special packages are available for repeated visits. 

Assemblies and Collective worship are also available. Let us know if we can take an overview of our exploration to a larger group. 

'It is a joy to see children flourish in creativity and grow in knowledge and understanding of music & the Christian faith!'

Caroline Sharp 

Workshop Leader 

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