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Creator & Leader 

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Caroline Sharp (Bmus LRAM MA (DIST) Dip. RAM) is a London based violinist, educator and workshop leader.  She is a Christian and is passionate about using music to share the Bible story with young people.
Caroline is thrilled to be able to offer these workshops alongside her playing and teaching commitments to help successfully equip schools in their music and RE outcomes. 
Caroline graduated from the Royal Academy of Music (RAM) with distinction and honorary Dip. of RAM in 2014. At RAM, she was also a fellow in the outreach department, mentored by Julian West.  The fellowship involved creating and devising workshops for London schools, and supporting workshops by Music in Prisons and 'Raise your Voice' (workshops for adults suffering from dementia with Glyndebourne Education department).  Recently she has been involved in creating and leading workshops in schools across London, including the popular KS2 workshops for Prom Praise for Schools 2019.
For the past decade, Caroline has toured the world with the top UK orchestras, particularly the London Philharmonic Orchestra, recorded the music for blockbuster films and video games at Abbey Road and Air Studios as well as live broadcasts on BBC radio and television.  Caroline teaches violin at Kensington Preparatory School. 
Caroline holds an enhanced DBS and a LRAM teaching diploma from the Royal Academy of Music.  She also has Public Liability Insurance. Caroline worships with her family at All Souls Langham Place, London.
What are Gabriel Music Workshops?
Gabriel Music Workshops provide high quality Key Stage 2 Music/RE workshops. 
Who are workshops for?
Workshops are for a maximum of 30 Key Stage 2 aged children. 
What is the aim of each workshop?
The aim of each workshop is to explore Christian Values or Diocese Curricular through a popular Bible story, illustrated by a popular classical piece of music. In response, children create their very own piece of music as a class and record it at the end as a special memento.  (See 'What We Do')
How do workshops link to the school curriculum?
All workshops link directly to the Key Stage 2 Music Curriculum, RE Curriculum (SACRE),  OFSTED 2019 Personal Development, OFSTED 2019 SMSC Development as well as other cross curricular links. (See 'Links to Curriculum')
What is the content of a typical workshop?
* Live performance from professional musician * Explore Value or curricular through Bible story * Explore classical piece of music that describes Bible story * Create & record own piece of music in response. 
What do the children get out of it?
Participant led workshops are highly engaging, and suitable for all learners, offering a memorable experience as children compose their very own piece of music in response to a Bible story.  Through this unique opportunity, children grow in confidence, self esteem and further their communication skills as they work together with others: exploring, creating, performing or recording their own music. Workshops can be used by C of E Schools to help ensure that their Christian character is distinctive and embedded into their school. 
How long do the workshops last?
Workshops fit round you! The standard workshop is 2 hours long.   1/2 day supply, PPA cover, assemblies & collective worship are available as well as creative residencies. 
How much do workshops cost?
The standard workshop costs £180 but please contact for bespoke arrangements.
Can I request one of our own school christian values or curricular to explore?
Of course - We would love to! Please contact us to arrange a bespoke workshop.


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