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How do our workshops benefit children?

Enhanced Learning

Children's learning is enhanced through creative learning in participant led workshops

Expression through Music
Children use music as a means of expression as they grow in knowledge of Christian Values. 
Personal Development 

Children develop personally through a 'Growth Mindset' as workshops further the children's confidence and self esteem, communication skills and team work skills. Workshops are also linked to the 2019 OFSTED Personal Development and SMSC Development.

Engagement for all Children

Teacher feedback consistently praises workshops as highly engaging and suitable for all children

Offer a Memorable Experience

Children experience composing and recording their very own piece of music - an unforgettable experience!

Provide Opportunity to meet a Christian

Workshops are led by a practicing Christian - providing the opportunity for children to grow in knowledge and understanding of different faiths & beliefs chosen and lived out in their community.

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